Epiphany (Rig/Rex)

Epiphany (Rig/Rex)

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Mixed Media - Acrylic on Wood Diptych   
20 x 20 in



(a) a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something.

(b) an illuminating disclosure, realization or moment.

(c) an appearance or manifestation especially of a divine being.

The twin brothers, Rig and Rex are transfixed in a moment of discovery. The diptych is filled with a myriad of worn and weathered thoughts. Ambition, hopes, distractions and luck: angels, fears and muses all dance, layered in the background. A single spirit flame dances above their heads.

To me, these pieces represent the creative process. They display that moment of clarity that can sometimes occur in the midst of a new idea.