Collection: The Hand You're Dealt

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You can’t control the cards you’re dealt
but you can decide how you’re going to play them.

In the digital world we live in, we visually process thousands of images a day.  But we continue to need the tangible and the tactile.  In this ongoing series of small form original paintings, I’m exploring our desire for something we can hold in our hand.  Playing cards lend themselves to the idea of intimacy. At their core, playing cards are a nearly universal set of symbols that represent a gathering of people; a game around the table, face to face, holding up sets of papered pictures, risking a wager or making memories.

I’ve hand painted my characters in a vivid comic book style directly onto the cards.  Each playing card comes float-mounted in a wooden shadow box frame, ready for display. This small form allows an affordable introduction to collecting original work.  I can’t help but think I’m adding to a tactile story that each playing card holds.

(Remember, I do commissions.  If you like a specific character, a certain card or missed a particular piece, let me know. )

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  • Bet Your Life *
    Bet Your Life *
  • Before and After
    Before and After
  • You Can Trust Me!
    You Can Trust Me!
  • Bet'Cha *
    Bet'Cha *
  • Heart and Soul
    Heart and Soul
  • Black Hat *
    Black Hat *
  • Overcome
  • Supernatural Tales
    Supernatural Tales
  • A Short Time Later
    A Short Time Later
  • Staring Daggers
    Staring Daggers
  • Now What?
    Now What?
  • Key In Hand
    Key In Hand
  • Pierce
  • A for Apollos
    A for Apollos
  • 3 Crow Clubs
    3 Crow Clubs
  • Royal Thought *
    Royal Thought *
  • True To Life *
    True To Life *
  • Damage Control *
    Damage Control *
  • Red Notes *
    Red Notes *
  • You Will See *
    You Will See *
  • Don't Bother To Answer This *
    Don't Bother To Answer This *
  • It's Hard To Believe It *
    It's Hard To Believe It *
  • I'll Never Forget *
    I'll Never Forget *
  • Lapel *
    Lapel *