Jimmy Houston's Artwork Becomes Alma Mater's Centerpiece

OCT 19, 2018  

Houston Christian High School is celebrating the Arts by hosting a Fall Art Concert at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, which will be preceded by a Dedication Ceremony at 6 p.m. of a special artwork entitled “Odyssey” by local retro-animation artist and alumnus, Jimmy Houston. 

The artwork was purchased at the 2018 Houston Christian High School Gala Live Auction held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel on March 24, 2018 by ten couples who call themselves, the “Art Syndicate.” This group is donating “Odyssey” to the high school to show their support of the Arts and show their pride for their native alumnus, Jimmy Houston. The piece will hang in the Weiss Family Foyer - Drake Performing Arts Center. The group members donating the artwork are: Natalie and Rick Alexander; Lauren and Joe Byars; Janie and Eric Carmichael; Jana and Pete DeLongchamps; Kelly and Mike Handel; Courtenay and Loc McNew; Myra and Randy Pullin; Laura and Brad Rapp; Amanda and Byron Way; Amber and Phil Willingham.

 “I am so grateful to the families who donated this stunning piece and to our talented alumnus, Jimmy Houston, who illustrated perfectly the spirit of adventure and ingenuity that we stand for here at Houston Christian High School. I am excited that Jimmy and his skill will be accessible for students to admire and enjoy for years to come,” stated Dr. Steve Livingston, Head of School.

Jimmy Houston, a 2001 alumnus of Houston Christian High School has found success as a professional artist since graduating with a degree in Radio TV Film in 2005 from the University of Texas at Austin. Jimmy says, “I am humbled and grateful for the support from the group who purchased my artwork and then decided to donate it back to this prestigious institution. It is an honor to have my artwork on display for the students to enjoy.” 

 Jimmy says about the artwork, “In this piece, we find my reoccurring ape brothers, Rig and Rex on the brink of a new quest. Unfurled before Rex is the opening passage of Homer’s The Odyssey in its original Greek lettering. An environment of subtle lighting, rich textures and Rembrandt-style earth tones surrounds them. The air in the room breathes with light and shadow. Each object serves as a symbol. I feel that a quote from the great Socrates sums up the piece, ‘Wisdom begins in wonder.’” 

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