"Chirp" on 002 Houston Magazine Cover

002 HOUSTON Magazine Chirp

JAN 2, 2014  

002 Houston Magazine has traditionally opened its December cover to local artists, photographers, painters, etc., for a number of years, but in 2014, it changed the month to January with the theme of "New Beginnings." They also added two new components: A jury of peers to pick the finalists consisting of Wayne Gilbert, artist and owner of Ggallery; Apama Mackey, owner of Apama Mackey Gallery; GONZO247, co-founder, owner and chief of operations at Aerosol Warfare Studios; photographer Sofia van der Dys; and freelance writer Nadia Michel.

The piece "Chirp" by Jimmy Houston was selected as first place winner and was featured on the January edition.  This piece plays on the themes of inspiration, love and second chances. The tin man opens himself, not as an automaton with gears and moving parts, but as something more. He is an old soul. His telephone ear tunes in to the melodic chirps of the perched lovebird, coaxing its mate from the nest. "Chirp" is a work of mixed media on canvas that measures 24” x 30”.