THE BUZZ MAGAZINES: The Journey of the Apes: An Artist's View on Adventure

NOV 7, 2018 

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, Houston Christian graduate, Jimmy Houston, unveiled his latest painting. The painting, called Odyssey, features the reoccurring apes of his dreams, Rig and Rex. In this painting, Rig and Rex try to decide on a path to take, and whether the dangers and shortcuts are worth it. The night involved speeches from various board members and the presentation of art by current HC art students.“It’s all about the idea of adventure and wonder. The apes looking at the pathways in life. One is ready to go, while the other contemplates which door to take. Their contrasting mindsets and contrasting views on their adventure is what makes this so interesting. There’s something about such childlike wonder that brings people bliss and imagination. They can take whatever path they choose, and whatever the outcome is, they’ll be happy because it was their choice,” said Jimmy. In addition, HC art students Chloe Gordon, Allison Spiers, Yudian Xu and Destiny Duan, under the careful guidance of Mrs. Kara Whiting and Ms. Elizabeth Allen were able to paint, draw and design works of their own to be unveiled in that same night. They were delighted to meet such an amazing artist.The painting is now on display in the lobby of Houston Christian High School's Drake Performing Arts Center. Click HERE to read full article.