Limited Edition Giclee

East - Limited Edition Giclee

East, 2015

Artist Proof Giclee on Canvas  
36 x 24 in

Edition Size 50

Gallery Wrapped

This painting not only captures the devil-my-care attitude of Jimmy's reoccurring female character East, it also reflects a taste of the American spirit. East sports a Vietnam era army jacket that she has made her own. She glances at the viewer to invite them to join her on her journey.

The background is peppered with motorcycles, rebel life mantras and Americana. At the top right corner, near the upper most star is an American Indian chief with “Tribe” emblazoned below. This hints at that any rebel spirit still wants to belong to a group.

Below the lowermost star is Steve McQueen, the movie star motorcycle aficionado, donning Rig’s signature eye patch.


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