Original Artwork

The Third Story - Original Artwork

The Third Story, 2018

Mixed Media on Canvas  
60 x 48 x 1.5 in


This piece is a sunset orange contemplation on the moments we share with those we choose as family. It is about the ever changing, elusive search for contentment in the “ here and now.” The word “Adventure” stretches itself beneath the three characters, under-lapped by the phrase, “you’ll never be here again.” These words are palpable in a world who is in such a headlong hurry towards the future.

Among the vibrant textures stands a boxer, in the top right corner, poised to take on the world, “against the odds.” Beneath him, Aristotle himself encourages the viewer to “think about it.” At the bottom left, a man meditates upon mortality, standing next to his own skeleton. He faces an alligator, jaws open at the moment of attack. Remember to enjoy the moments, they won’t last long. Be here, be now. Remember who your friends are. Remember to wonder. After all, it makes for a good story.


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