Original Artwork

Original Artwork - HolySmokes

Holy Smokes, 2017

Mixed Media Original  
30 x 40 x 1.5 in

I liked the idea of creating a piece that plays with the inner thought process of my character, Rig. Many times I find myself lost in thought, pondering dreams, challenges, the past and the future. To be present in any one moment is to also have all these thoughts bouncing around. (Such as Rig who may be preparing to fly into combat) In the top left is a bird taking flight away from a deadly viper. It is the idea of impending danger. At the top right, there is an actual feather fused into the fabric of the piece. Here, it reminds me of Dumbo’s “magic feather.” It could also represent the very idea of flight, which man derived from birds. Throughout, there are images of flight, warplanes, Americana, hand scrawled mottos, vintage starlets and adages. Sometimes our thoughts are jumbled. And sometimes, life surprises you and all you can say is “Holy Smokes! ”


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